• 22-MAR-2016

FILA Ambassador Shaun T Appears on The Dr. Oz Show

(FILA North America) - FILA ambassador, Shaun T, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to offer fitness advice and demonstrate his latest dance workout craze, CIZE. Shaun T shared tips with the audience and the viewers at home, including the following ways to help make a successful workout program: "don't starve yourself," "eat for the activity you're about to do," "do what you like, not what you're told," and "record your positive results."

Shaun T also led Dr. Oz and select members of the studio audience in a butt-blasting workout from his new CIZE program, with moves meant to tone the butt, abs, thighs, and glutes. He engaged in the workout while wearing his FILA training footwear from Kohl's. 

To view the full segment, dubbed "Get Your Booty Back in Shape with Shaun T," visit here.