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Redesigned FILA Museum Unites the Past with the Present

Release Date: 04 May 2016
FILA Tennis: Past vs. Present

(FILA Italy) – Politicians, former Olympic athletes and professional basketball players among the attendees at the grand reopening of the FILA Foundation Museum last Friday.

It’s been six years since the FILA Museum celebrated its inaugural opening in the brand’s hometown of Biella, Italy. In the years since its foundation, the FILA Museum has invited thousands of brand enthusiasts, from foreign dignitaries to Olympic​ athletes, to explore the history and evolution of one of sportswear’s most influential brands. Last Friday, following a brief hiatus, the FILA Museum reopened its doors to the public, welcoming over 80 local politicians, athletes, and a very excited Biella community to explore its redesigned brand archives. "We are proud to present the emotional and wonderful journey that FILA has made over the past 100 years,” explained Marco Negri, Vice President of the FILA Museum. “Today, thanks to this exhibition, we can walk through history, all 'factory inside, touching the first shirt prototypes that have changed the way of dressing of generations of athletes."

Each of the nine renovated rooms of the FILA Museum is dedicated to presenting images and collection pieces from a single sport or category that played a key role in the brand’s development. Articles from FILA’s early collections are tastefully displayed next to items from modern day collections, showcasing FILA’s unrivaled ability to incorporate their rich heritage into modern day styles. A continuous shelf along the FILA Museum’s main wall (designed by Italian furniture producer, LAGO) guides visitors through the brand's timeline, also displaying brand mementos such as the patent for FILA’s first “Original Tennis” shoe.

"This brand brings Biella excellence in the world through the excellence of sport,” said former Olympic volleyball player Andrea Lucchetta​. “The museum is a chance to experience first-hand the quality that has dressed athletes of many disciplines. Using your imagination, you can take a journey through time to understand the future of this brand."

For more information on the event, please visit the FILA Museum’s official website at (the site is only available in Italian). Additional photos and videos are also available on the museum’s official Facebook​ page.

About the FILA Museum

The FILA Museum was founded in 2010 with the purpose of promoting, disseminating, and publicizing the value and history of the FILA brand. In the years since its foundation, the Museum has dedicated itself to the preservation and advancement of FILA’s global influence, serving as both an archive of the brand’s 500,000-item collection, as well as an active sponsor of various educational and active events throughout the year. The FILA Museum is located at 4/A Via Seminari in Biella, Italy. 

About LAGO                                   

LAGO is an Italian furniture brand that is dedicated to bringing technical innovation to the world of interior design. The LAGO community table was designed as a means of facilitating human connection and creating meaningful cultural experiences. For more information about LAGO's vision, as well as a full product catalogue, visit 

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