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Olympic Volleyball Champion Andrea Lucchetta Visits the FILA Museum

Release Date: 31 Jul 2015
Kent Steffes

(FILA Italy) –

The FILA Fondazione Museum had a special visitor this month, welcoming former Olympic volleyball champion and captain of the Italian Volleyball Federation, Andrea Lucchetta, to the brand headquarters. Lucchetta enjoyed a leisurely visit to the Museum, fondly reflecting on his various successes as a FILA-sponsored athlete.  The former volleyball player earned a bronze medal at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, as well as 4 gold medals at the World Volleyball Championships, and a gold medal at the European Championship.

Lucchetta’s visit followed the conclusion of his collaborative tour with FILA as part of the brand’s summer project, “Un Campione Per Amico” – a travelling campaign that sought to inspire young people to lead more active lives. A passionate advocate for proper sports education, Lucchetta was the ideal spokesperson for the Foundation’s summer campaign. His energy and enthusiasm for the project was a huge contribution to the campaign’s success.

FILA was previously a sponsor to volleyball greats, Ken Steffes and Randy Stoklos, and is a current sponsor of Korean volleyball teams, the Heungkuk Pink Spiders, the Korean Air Jumbos, and the Samsung Bluefangs.

The FILA Museum looks forward to opening their doors to other champion athletes, with the hope that their individual stories will inspire people of all ages to be active, and chase their dreams. 

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