• 09-JUL-2019

FILA Reunites with Reinhold Messner as Global Brand Ambassador

(FILA Luxembourg S.à r.l.) - FILA Luxembourg s.a.r.l. announced today that the brand has partnered with Reinhold Messner as a global brand ambassador. Messner joins legendary FILA athletes Bjӧrn Borg, Grant Hill and German Silva, who have recently reunited with the brand.

Messner is widely considered as one of the greatest mountaineers of all-time. He left an indelible mark on the history of mountaineering and he did so while bearing FILA’s iconic F-Box logo. In 1978, he achieved his legendary ascent of Mount Everest, without supplemental oxygen and while dressed in FILA mountain gear. In 1980, he did it again solo. Year by year he climbed higher, taking on new challenges and adding to a long list of accomplishments that are unmatched in the sport.

“FILA has always supported remarkable individuals and their extraordinary feats,” said Gene Yoon, Chairman of the FILA Group. “Reinhold Messner played a major role in transforming the sport of climbing, fueled by his passion for adventure and unparalleled devotion and determination. As a climber and an explorer, he achieved the unthinkable and he did so more than once. We are proud to welcome Reinhold, a true FILA icon, back to the family.”

During his partnership with FILA, Messner wore high-tech FILA mountain apparel that could withstand the elements and the risks, an example of the brand’s ongoing commitment to innovation. It became the “White Rock” collection, a line as bold as the man who inspired it and at the peak of sport and style.  

“FILA supported me and believed that I could achieve what others deemed impossible,” said Reinhold Messner.” There is nothing quite like the fulfillment of completing a challenging climb that exceeds all expectations. I appreciate that many years later, FILA continues to embrace the mountaineering world and the value and courage of climbers.”

As part of the sponsorship agreement, Messner will wear FILA apparel and footwear and make appearances on behalf of the brand.
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