• 04-MAR-2019

FILA Launches P.L. Rolando Campaign in Celebration of the Brand's Original Creative Director Pierluigi Rolando

(FILA North America) - FILA is celebrating a true innovator and the brand’s original creative director, Pierluigi Rolando. To pay homage to his legacy, the brand is bringing Rolando’s sketches to life, with a new collection of tennis apparel to coincide with major tournaments throughout the year, beginning with the FILA-sponsored BNP Paribas Open. This limited edition collection stems from the designer’s archival looks and sketches yet embodies the spirit of FILA today, a brand started by a visionary and embraced by iconic individual everywhere.
Rolando helped to change the way the world looked at tennis fashion. His use of print, pattern, and fabrication solidified FILA as a boundary-pushing design house. He was the first to bring color to the court in 1973. His work solidified FILA as an innovator in the design space, disrupted expectations of what the modern game should look like, and set a course for FILA to become an iconic sportstyle brand.
With its DNA deeply rooted in tennis and Rolando as a continued source of inspiration, the FILA P.L. Rolando campaign celebrates the culture and creativity of the game. FILA has commissioned four illustrators to create bespoke artwork throughout the year, that unites the worlds of art, style, sport and beyond, in a way that is fresh and relevant, as the designer’s original work had done in the 1970’s.
The first piece was developed by Craig & Karl, the design duo from New York and London, whose work is exhibited around the world. Their special-edition creation fuses tennis, art and fashion in a unique way, using bold graphics, vivid patterns and a clash of color to form a modern celebration of Rolando’s legacy.
The launch of the remaining illustrations will coincide with top tennis tournaments in Paris, London and New York City. FILA’s P.L. Rolando campaign will also include commemorative merchandise featuring the custom artwork, experiential activations, and a partnership with Racquet Magazine, a publication that spotlights the art, ideas, style and culture that surround tennis. FILA has also tapped a variety of social media content creators, with specialties such as photography and music, who will further share the sport through their own lens.
Visit www.fila.com/plrolando to learn more.