• 17-MAY-2019

FILA Korea Introduces FILA Museo Re-PLAY 1911: “The Century of Prism”

(FILA Korea) – FILA Korea has introduced FILA Museo Re-PLAY 1911: “The Century of Prism,” organized by the Fondazione FILA Museum. The exhibition celebrates the origins of FILA, one of the world’s most iconic sportstyle brands. It will take visitors on a journey through FILA’s unique and special history.

The history of FILA, which dates back to 1911, contains meaningful and diverse products, as well as epic and unforgettable moments. The brand has been influential throughout the world for more than 108 years. FILA's efforts have consistently created fashion-leading icons and moments that have transformed the history of sport and style. Among the key time periods in the brand’s history:
  • 1911: The Fila family transitioned to the textile industry. The introduction to this industry came when Giovanni Fila, carpenter, repaired the frames of local weavers. This led to the creation, with his 7 sons, of "Fratelli FILA,” a spinning factory for carded and combed wool. 
  • 1926: The family began to manufacture underwear for men, women and kids as "Maglificio Biellese F.lli Fila – MABY.”
  • 1968: FILA started to produce outerwear.
  • 1973: The FILA brand was born.
Based on the brand’s history and accomplishments, FILA was inspired by “Prism,” which showcases various colors with the wavelength of light, to pay homage to FILA's diversity and spirit of innovation.

The exhibition highlights the history of FILA, from its origins to the present day, including the brand’s most iconic products, designs, and imagery. The featured items come from the archives of the FILA Museum located in Biella, Italy, where the company was founded.
The FILA Museo Re-PLAY 1911: “The Century of Prism” exhibition is divided into three areas, each highlighting the rich history and narrative of FILA.
The Photographic Exhibition – AESTHETICS OF FILA
Approximately 60 images are on display to highlight FILA’s original style from the 1960’s to the present. Through these images, visitors can experience and understand the spirit and aesthetics of FILA.
A Show Of Design – STYLE OF FILA
FILA's style from the 1940’s to the present was ever-evolving. FILA's exploration of technological innovation reflects the true history of fashion and society. This area will embody all of the elements that make up the brand, including the Bozzetti (small pieces that correspond to the esquisse or sketches, or the Italian miniature model), materials, research, people, and aspirations. In addition, visitors can see and experience the origins and evolution of the brand’s style. On display are FILA's world-famous collections, which were born through the endless research.
FILA has recently partnered and collaborated with a variety of high-end brands and prominent designers such as FENDI and Jason Wu, and has proven its brand power throughout the fashion world. This runway zone features the collaborative collections created by FILA and its various partners.