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FILA Korea Held 4th "FILA Double Deluxe Day" with Great Success

Release Date: 16 Jan 2017
FILA Korea Held 4th "FILA Double Deluxe Day" with Great Success
(FILA Korea) - FILA Korea held its fourth "FILA Double Deluxe Day" event at the Jeon-ju (one of the major tourist desinations) megastore, on January 7.

"FILA Double Deluxe Day," was designed as a special shopping experience for young customers, while providing an opportunity for FILA to communciate with that audience. At the event, FILA sold 100 limited-edition packages that included items such as the popular Court Deluxe shoes, as well as t-shirts.

The Court Deluxe, a retro street shoe inspired by FILA tennis designs, was the standout piece in each package. The footwear proved to be a hot item for the 10~20 year-old age group and has cemented itself as a best-selling shoe.

The was the fourth "FILA Double Deluxe Day" event to be held in a big city. Previous locations have included Seoul, Gwangju and Busan, and all events featured a high participation rate from customers, with product packages that sold out in a very short time. Once again this year, the megastore was crowded with shoppers who lined up beginning at 7am to purchase the shoes, which went on sale at Noon. The 100 limited-edition pairs of the FILA Court Deluxe were sold out just in two hours, demonstrating the popularity of the footwear style.

The event also featured activities for customers, including a tennis court-themed mini game. Many people took part in these activations, giving guests the opportunity to further experience the FILA brand.
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