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FILA Golf "IMPACT 9" Videos Have Become a Trending Topic Among Global Sports Fan

Release Date: 31 Mar 2017
FILA Golf ‘IMPACT 9’ Videos Have Become a Trending Topic Among Global Sports Fans
(FILA Korea) - FILA Korea has created a series of unique videos featuring its sponsored professional golf players. The videos have surpassed domestic coverage and are quickly becoming a trending topic among global sports fans.

FILA Korea recently established the nine member "Impact 9" squad featuring female Korean golfers. This teaser video was created with the intention of going viral, while promoting this specially established golf squad and FILA's golf apparel products. The teaser videos were released on March 27, via online and SNS channels.

The videos were choreographed to feature a range of unique scenarios, in order to generate mass interest and appeal across a wide audience. A total of five promotional videos were produced, each utilizing different situations such as golfing at a bowling alley, baseball stadium, park, and at the Han River, as well as aiming shots at a flying drone.

The videos were released via FILA Korea’s official golf Facebook account ( and YouTube channels. The content went live on the March 27, at 5pm (17:00pm). In a relatively short period of time, the videos garnered successful results, including about 7,000,000 total views, over 30,000 likes and 5,000 comments, and they subsequently became a trending topic. The response was especially impressive when compared to the typical reaction of promotional videos released by a brand in Korea.

The bowling alley themed video, which features professional golf player Minju Kim, is currently being publicized across major sports channels overseas and is creating great interest among sports fans worldwide.

This video was featured on the main page of ESPN and garnered first place in the best videos of the “Must See Moments” portion of the website. It was also featured on the CBS Sports official Facebook account, generating a response of over 1,210,000 views, 7,604 likes, more than 12,000 shares, and 4,262 comments (by March 30).

To view the video as featured on ESPN, visit here​. To view the video as featured on the CBS Sports Facebook page, visit here​.

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