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FILA Global Lounge Brings Athletes a Taste of Home in Rio

Release Date: 17 Aug 2016
FILA KOREA, running a ‘FILA LOUNGE’ with great acclamation in RIO Olympics!
(FILA Korea) – The competition (and the weather) may be heating up on the playing fields in Rio de Janeiro, but inside the walls of the FILA Global Lounge, it’s all cool, calm, and collected. Following two successful appearances at the 2012 Summer Games in London, as well as the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, FILA Korea has once again set up its FILA Global Lounge as a center for athletes and local residents who’d like to step outside the competitive sphere into a more relaxed (and air conditioned) space. Located just ten minutes outside the Athletes Village, the FILA Global Lounge offers a full entertainment system for watching the Games, a lounge area for meals and rest, a business center dedicated to media coverage and public relations, as well as full WiFi coverage throughout.

Although initially conceived to offer members of the Korean national teams​ a home away from home (FILA Korea is currently sponsoring the Korean Shooting, Handball, and Boxing teams), the FILA Global Lounge is open to all athletes, media, travelers, and local residents, and has received a steady stream of people since it opened its doors in early August. Among the honored guests received in the Global Lounge have been shooter Jin Jong-oh, who recently won a gold medal in the 50-meter pistol event, and boxer Ham sang-myeong, who reached round 16 in the 56kg weight category. Both athletes are frequent visitors, and have both expressed their appreciation for its “home away from home” feel. The FILA Korea team has also sponsored a handful of events at the Lounge, including a pre-event afternoon pep rally in support of the Korean women’s handball team. FILA t-shirts, cheering tools, and food were available to all those in attendance.

The FILA Global Lounge will be open until the closing ceremony of the World Games on August 21. 

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