• 22-MAR-2022

FILA Europe Launches New "PLAY IT YOUR WAY" Campaign

(FILA EU) - FILA Europe has launched a new campaign - PLAY IT YOUR WAY! - which aims to reawaken the joy of sports and showcase that working out is not only about results, but having fun above all else.

To coincide with the campaign, the Spring/Sumer 2022 collection will once again combine sport and style, further highlighting the authenticity and rich heritage of the brand: "FILA is again deliberately placing sportswear in the focus of communication – sport was and is the DNA of the brand. The focus of the new brand campaign will be the activation of the brand with a strong campaign tagline and its relationship to multisport," says Konrad Nowak, Head of Marketing for FILA Europe.


Faster, higher, further – but where's the fun in that? With the new campaign, FILA Europe makes a clear statement for sports according to its own rules. Regardless of whether big goals are set or it’s about a good time spent together with friends: "PLAY IT YOUR WAY!" is the motto here. Sports should be enjoyed without pressure – it should be about the appreciation of speed, the zen moment or whatever makes the individual enjoy sports. Success should be measured by what is good for one's own mindset – because sport is for everyone. The campaign puts the focus back on fun, passion and team sports.


The new FILA collection consists of three areas: Sport, Street and Archive. Each area stands out with its own theme and distinct looks, but the colorways can easily be combined across the whole collection, allowing for all styles to mix and match.

FILA’ Europe's Spring/Summer collection will be available at www.fila.de from mid-March.