FILA and NOC*NSF Celebrate Four More Years Together

  • 06-MAR-2023

(FILA Luxembourg S.à r.l.) - An extended sponsorship agreement will see TeamNL athletes shine in FILA gear at two Olympic and Paralympic Events!

The emblematic ice arena Thialf in Heerenveen, the Netherlands, set the scene for the signing of an extended sponsorship agreement between FILA and the Netherlands Olympic Committee*Netherlands Sports Confederation (NOC*NSF).

FILA has already been sponsoring Dutch athletes over the past six years. This new contract extends the agreement for a further four. This period covers two Olympic and Paralympic events - Paris in 2024 and Milano-Cortina in 2026.

Over the past six years, TeamNL athletes have taken the podium no less than 73 times wearing distinctive orange jackets made for them by FILA. In this new phase of the partnership, we can expect to witness this on many more occasions, and see FILA, NOC*NSF and TeamNL athletes bolstered further into the international sporting arena.

"Working alongside NOC*NSF for these first six years has been extremely satisfying,” comments Luca Bertolino, FILA’s Head of Global Strategic Marketing. “This renewal reflects the ambition of both parties to get even better results, and to always push ourselves further with conviction and enthusiasm." As part of the company’s long-held mission to nurture the development of future champions, FILA will not only support established athletes but also emerging talent from the Netherlands participating in major national and international competitions.

Other recent FILA signings of this nature include the Dutch speed skater Suzanne Schulting, break-dancer Alessandra Chillemi, e-sports club Ninjas in Pyjamas, and street basketball events platform Red Bull™ Half Court.

More than ever, we are convinced that when it comes to the diverse and evolving nature of modern sport, there are many horizons still to be conquered.