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FILA "Chungjang-ro Mega Store" is Reborn as the "Heritage Museum"

Release Date: 21 Aug 2017
FILA Chungjang ro Mega Store is Reborn as the Heritage Museum
(FILA KOREA) – The FILA Chungjang-ro Mega Store located in Kwangju, one of the largest cities in Korea, has been reborn as the “Heritage Museum.” Chungjang-ro is representative of youth in Gwangju City. The store has recently been renovated, as both the inside and outside have been decorated with a “FILA Heritage” concept, while capturing the attention of passersby.

FILA Korea announced that they have renewed the FILA Mega Store located in ChungJang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju city. The FILA ChungJang-ro Megastore is one of the mega stores opened last year by FILA, in the core commercial area of one of Korea’s major cities. The newly renovated Megastore stands out with its updated appearance. On the exterior wall of the building, various layouts of logos symbolizing FILA are arranged and configured to reveal that it is a FILA store from afar.

On both sides of the entrance to the store, there is a different type of show-window to entertain viewers on the street. Among those window displays is the “protruding trapez show-window” on the left side in the center of the entrance, meant to look like a show-window that comes out into the street. FILA reflected the brand's will to communicate at a closer distance with the customer, through the configuration and product display.
The inside of the store, which has a wide staircase, is divided into two floors, including the FILA Heritage Zone (1st floor) and the Performance Zone (2nd floor).

The large wall next to the stairs that connects the first and second floor is decorated with the “FILA Museum” concept, where visitors can discover FILA from the past to the present. The “Archive Wall” features various items such as clothes, shoes, and imagery from the FILA Museum in Biella, Italy. The museum offers a look at FILA’s history and heritage of more than 100 years.

In order to strengthen communication with young consumers and to promote engagement, a separate “Communication Zone” was established on the second floor of the store. Included is a glass-window with a view of Chungjang-ro Street, a stage space where various activities can be carried out, and lockers for luggage storage. Various cultural and experiential events will be held here with young consumers in the future. In addition, there is a possibility to create a VR zone, where local residents and customers can experience a variety of virtual activities.

Additionally, FILA finished the "Filament Mega City Day" event with the reopening of the mega store of FILA Gwang-ju on the 19th. Mega City Day, which was held at FILA Megastore, offered items that were available only on the day of the event. There were Court Deluxe shoes with colors and icons that symbolize Gwangju area, heritage short-sleeved polo shirts, (69,000 won), and the shop was crowded with a large number of customers who wanted to get these special edition items before the opening of the store.

The customers who visited the store on that day purchased the limited-edition Mega City Pack, participated in various programs prepared by FILA such as mini-games based on baseball and the VR experience, and had a chance to win prizes. They also had an opportunity to experience the revamped appearance of the Chungjangro Mega store.

FILA official said, "FILA has renewed its philosophy of condensing the past, present and future images of FILA and adding bold attempts that were not seen in existing stores. The Mega Shop in Gwangju Chungjang-ro is a symbolic store that shows younger and more refreshed brands. We will build a brand, 
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