• 29-MAR-2016

FILA Korea Hosts « Attack Your Body » Event to Promote New Mega Shops

(FILA Korea) – FILA Korea kicked off the opening of two new mega shops with a promotional event that challenged participants to find new and enjoyable ways to get moving.

The new FILA mega shops​ at GwangJu Place and Gwangbok, Busan opened in a big way this month with sirens, music, trainers, and dancers drawing in crowds and encouraging fans to participate in a fun mix of challenges designed to "attack" their muscles with new and creative routines. The days' events kicked off with a push of the "FILA Mega Shop Box button," which activated a series of sirens and bells to introduce a team FILA fitness coaches. The trainers then guided enthusiastic participants through a series of short exercises aimed at increasing endurance and building muscle mass. A second push of the FILA Mega Shop Box button introduced a team of B-boy artists, who treated fans to an energetic and animated dance routine. Both events garnered high interest from both participants and spectators, who remained highly engaged throughout all activities.   

FILA Korea’s three-month mega shop initiative kicked off on 25 February with the opening of the brand’s first mega store (a term used to describe a pop-up shop that occupies more than 264㎡) in Masan, South Korea. The campaign is scheduled to run until the end of April, concluding with the opening of a three-story mega shop in Itaewon, Seoul. Follow FILA Korea on Instagram​ for the most up-to-date photos from its mega shop tour. Additional information on the campaign as well as any upcoming events can be found on FILA Korea’s official Facebook​ page.