• 14-JUL-2016

FILA Resurrects the Golden Age of Rio de Janeiro in New Campaign

"Live the Legacy" with FILA Brazil
(FILA Brazil) – For more than 30 years, Brazil has shared in FILA’s tradition of reinventing classic styles and bringing them into the modern world. And what better time to celebrate this timeless athleticism than during the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro? Photographed by the talented Luiz Tripolli, and executed in collaboration with Escala Agency, FILA Brazil’s new “Live the Legacy” campaign celebrates the brand's legacy by pinning its signature heritage styles against the elegant and sensual backdrop of Rio de Janeiro. Together, these elements work together to achieve a look that is nostalgic in sentiment, yet visionary in execution. 

In order to achieve the “golden age” look, the teams worked to unite iconic landscape and lifestyle elements of Rio de Janeiro with a touch FILA’s classic athleticism. "I am a true carioca, and when I received FILA’s invitation to photograph this campaign, I was flattered – especially [since it conveys] my beloved city. In my view, I tried to transmit the connection between the sports brand and the essence of the lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro,” states Tripolli. “The result left me very satisfied and I believe it conveys this single message of the meeting between these two icons.” Among the locations highlighted in “Live the Legacy” are the famous Copacabana Beach and the Lapa Arches.

The brand’s FXT Cross Training​​ collection, which is the focal product line in this series, is yet another reinvention of the older styles that line the walls of the FILA Museum in Biella, Italy. In many ways, each person who sports FILA’s pieces are taking part in these golden age traditions – following in the footsteps of the great male and female athletes from yesteryear.

The “Live the Legacy” campaign will mostly focus in Brazil’s southeastern region, but is expected to attain national attention. The campaign will focalize heavily on print materials, with multi-page image spreads appearing in Veja magazine, Boarding magazine, and Destak newspaper. Street advertising and digital assets will offer additional support, making this the biggest campaign reach ever achieved by Escala Agency. 

According to Felipe Rosa, FILA Brazil’s marketing and communications manager, the brand sought to unite both modern and retro characteristics that are reminiscent of FILA’s classic style. “By choosing [Rio de Janiero] as our backdrop, we captured one of the most iconic landscapes of the country, and in working with Tripolli, we achieved the carioca look of a world known photographer. The combination allowed us to translate the essence of the brand with the carioca way of life," the executive explains.

About FILA

Founded in 1911, FILA is an Italian sportswear brand with a rich sporting heritage. Today, FILA products can be found in over 50 countries. In Brazil, FILA is well known for its performance products in the running and tennis categories as well as for its collection of lifestyle (casual) clothing. 

FILA Brazil partakes in a number of sponsorship events for the tennis and running categories. Notable sponsorships in the tennis category include the Brazil Open, the ATP Challenge Tour Finals, and the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells, Montreal, and Toronto. In the running category, FILA Brazil is an active sponsor of the International São Paulo Marathon and International Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon. 

About Grupo Dass
Specialized in sports brand management and industrial solutions, Grupo DASS manages a number of sports brands and manufacturers. The company produces 12.5 million pairs of shoes and 5 million clothing pieces per year and employs more than 12,000 employees across Brazil and Latin America. 

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