• 14-NOV-2016

FILA and BRED Collaborate on an Original Tennis

(FILA North America) - Over the past year FILA and Bred have been sculpting something that their consumers would appreciate. Not only that, something they would identify with! The selection ended up being the Original Tennis, a shoe that was picked from a style perspective but also for its cultural reasons. 
The end result displayed the iconic silhouette dressed in a Grey pigskin suede upper. The tongue carries a black suede with BRED grey branding. FILA's branding includes a dual leather black and white flag, black and grey F-box, and Grey linear logo on the back counter and midsole. Other features include a leather collar lining, dual lace options and a camo outsole. BRED carefully selected this colorway because it represents being BRED in New York City. The Grey/Black/White represent the concrete and store colors.

There is also a black colorway that will be for friends and family only.

Retail: $100.00


For 105 years, Fila has believed that beyond activity, sport is an ever-expanding identity fueled by passions for excellence, adventure, competition, and pleasure.  And so we have spent the last half-century accompanying those who courageously challenge limits and defy expectations while radiating sophistication.  It is through this uncommon experience that we have learned: anyplace, anywhere, life in motion is a beautiful thing.

About Bred:     

Established in 2014, BRED - From a disciplined breed provides a collection of carefully curated apparel and footwear selections, fusing current trends in street wear and contemporary fashion. The concept strives to provide its clientele both high performance and high fashion in one experience. 

Bred is a joint venture by Nelson Martinez and Vincenzo Cafaro who bring a combined forty years of retail footwear and apparel experience. Both were raised in Queens and worked for the same footwear retailer for over 10 years. In 1997, Vincenzo opened the first BX Sports location and working with Nelson, has since expanded from three to seven more Bronx locations and one in New Jersey. Before Nelson joined the BX Sports crew in 2009, he spent 14 years prior as Head Buyer and General Manager at two of the larger footwear retailers in New York City. The Bred Shop is the collaboration of its two Queens owners being BRED From A Disciplined Breed.