• 22-FEB-2022

ROKSANDA x FILA Collaboration Debuts in London

(FILA Luxembourg S.à r.l.) - As the sportstyle brand that dared to view sportswear through a different lens, FILA has cultivated an innovative spirit that has led to a series of unexpected partnerships. In continuing those efforts, the brand has now collaborated with ROKSANDA. 

A graduate of Central Saint Martins with a training in Architecture and Applied Arts in her native Belgrade, Roksanda Ilincic founded the namesake label ROKSANDA almost two decades ago, gaining accolades for her unique use of color, architectural yet flowing shapes, innovative use of fabrics, and dedicated focus on craftsmanship. A woman designing for women, ROKSANDA keeps channeling a personal definition of beauty, creating pieces that reveal the wearer’s personality while providing a sense of shelter and refuge through their unique design. Colors and shapes reveal an ongoing dialogue with modern and contemporary art, as part of a multidisciplinary approach in which art, dance and fashion meet.

ROKSANDA x FILA is the fusion of two very different identities, to create a new collection that is unexpected yet authentic. ROKSANDA’s blown-up, dramatic shapes and vibrant colors meet the technicality and timelessness of FILA, blending an artistic sense of feminine empowerment with a sportstyle sensibility. In devising the collection, ROKSANDA worked around her very own themes of shelter and protection, which she brought into the outdoors, in contact with the elements, to align with the active FILA ethos. The collection revolves around humongous duvets that wrap the body, allowing the wearer to seek refuge within its volume, mixed with leisurewear inspired by parachutes that incorporate FILA technical and high performance fabrics. A selection of leggings, t-shirts, sports bras and jackets round out the offerings, complemented by padded bags and oversized moon boots. The dialogue between the respective identities carries over to the color palette: an eccentric mix of tropic, porcelain, black and fluro orange with notes of chalk, champagne, butter, pearl, taupe and fluoro pink.

“Growing up in Serbia, I cherish personal memories of how much we all loved FILA pieces coming from Italy - says Roksanda - This collection allowed me to give a new point of view on such a beloved heritage: one that merges my shapes and colors with a sense of performance and the outdoors. The soft, enveloping message is perfectly timely, I believe.”