FILA Korea, running a ‘FILA Global Lounge’ with great acclamation in Rio Olympics!



- The FILA Global Lounge is kind of community space that FILA KOREA is running for Olympics athletes, sports officials, media, and brand officials during the Rio Olympics locally.
- The FILA Global Lounge is recognized as a hometown for Korean national team. FILA KOREA is sponsoring Korean shooting, handball, and boxing national teams in Rio Olympic, and Shooter Jin Jong-oh expressed satisfaction with the lounge by visiting on a number of occasions.
- In addition, FILA Global Lounge is used as a reconciliation place for local residents in Rio. FILA Korea invited about 100 people of Rio residents and ethnic Korean to FILA Global Lounge for pep rally of Korean Women's handball event on the afternoon of August 10th.
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  • Ellie Kim