• 28-APR-2016

FILA Korea Opens 3-Story Mega Shop in Seoul

(FILA Korea) – FILA concludes their three-month mega shop tour with the grand opening of a three-story store in Itaewon, Seoul.

Two months ago, FILA Korea set out on a mission to renew and redefine their brand image through the opening of mega shops​​ in nine cities across South Korea. Last Friday, the brand concluded their initiative with the opening of a new three-story, 443m2 space in the heart of Seoul’s Itaewon district. Designed according to FILA’s new “Stylish Performance” brand identity, the store’s interior combines decorative elements in acrylic, stainless steel, glass, and wood for a dynamic presentation that plays homage to the brand’s rich heritage, while still maintaining a simple and modern appeal. Special window displays on each floor are visible thanks to the store’s glass exterior, which also boasts FILA’s signature F-box logo.

To celebrate the opening, FILA hosted a soirée on the store’s rooftop, inviting consumers to enjoy food, drinks, performances, and other activities. The rooftop will continue to serve as a communal area, and will also double as an event space for future brand activities.

FILA Korea’s three-month mega shop initiative kicked off on 25 February with the opening of the brand’s first mega store (a term used to describe a pop-up shop that occupies more than 264㎡) in Masan, South Korea. A total of nine mega shops were opened during this campaign. More information on the mega shops, as well as other brand activity can be found on FILA Korea’s official Facebook​ and Instagram​ pages.