• 28-AUG-2015

Four Korean Artists Reinterpret FILA's Cage Q Shoe

(FILA Korea) --

FILA Korea is excited to announce the release of a special-edition Velcro Strap Cage Q shoe, following a very successful collaboration with renowned Korean artists Ki-Suk Cho, Jee-Yae Shin, Jae-Bum Joo, and RD!

As part of the collaboration effort, each artist was asked to reinterpret the Cage Q in a manner that was personal to the designer, while remaining true to the 'Beyond the Cage' theme. Each piece also had to deliver some sort of message to the youth market. The special edition Cage Q will be embellished with artwork from each of the four artists, and will be available in stores and online in September. 

Update: This collaboration was done as a promotion for the Cage Q.