• 17-JUN-2015

FILA Korea's Jung Min Lee Wins Her Third Title This Year at the KLPGA Lotte Cantata Open

(Sponsored player by FILA KOREA)Jung Min Lee’s third win this year. Won KLPGA Lotte Cantata Open

(FILA Korea) --

FILA Korea-sponsored athlete Jung Min Lee has become the first golfer to win three events this year.

Jung Min Lee scored 1 under par, with 71 shots, including 4 birdies and 3 bogeys in the KLPGA Lotte Cantata Ladies Open, which took place in Jeju Seoguipo Lotte Skyhilll Jeju CC. 

Bad weather conditions did not deter Lee's concentration at the Open. Starting off in second place, 3 strokes behind Sung Hyun Park, Lee initially had a difficult time reducing her score due to strong winds. By the 10th hall, Lee was at 8 under par, and shared the lead with Park. At the 18th hall (par 5), Sung Hyun Park missed a 50cm champion putt, and blew her chance to win the match. This pushed the match into extra innings, with Lee and Park competing for the victory. A missed par putt by Sung-Hyun Park, and a successful putt by Jung Min-Lee secured her the win. Sung Hyun Park took home the second place title, with Hye Lim Kim and Jo-Yoon-Ji tying for the third place spot.

Earlier this year, Lee also won the NH Investment Security Ladies Championship, and the E1 Charity Open. Her most recent win is her second consecutive victory, and her 7th total for this year. 


Jung Min Lee began competing in the KLPGA in 2010, and she has won total 5 times to date. Currently one of the top competitors in the KLPGA, Lee is well known for her long and accurate iron shots. Despite her young age, Jung Min has already competed with the Korean National Golf Team (2008), and has had many impressive wins in multiple Opens. Lee is currently in the process of earning her Master's Degree at Korea University.