• 01-SEP-2015

"Couple's Dance" Video Features the Heritage Spaghetti Shoe

(FILA Korea) –

In an effort to better communicate with its younger consumer base, FILA Korea has begun a new social media marketing initiative for their Heritage category. The initiative will involve the production of various video clips, utilizing a theme of “Hip-Hop, Dance” to market various Heritage products. All clips will be released through social networking sites, such as YouTube, for increased interaction with the brand’s younger audience. FILA Korea recently released the first segment of its video series, kicking off the campaign with a couple’s dance featuring the category-favorite “Spaghetti” shoe.

The video opens with a sound mix produced exclusively for the video by DU Y.U.P, a widely known DJ in Korea. The sound and mix were inspired by the ‘Spaghetti’ shoe, as well as by the dynamic and stylish personalities of dancers Dale, and Sun-bin Lee, who are the main focus of the video. Choreography for the dance was done completely by Dale, a professional dancer, and member of idol group, 24K.

As the campaign continues, FILA Korea looks forward to collaborations with other notable Korean celebrities. In the mean time, the brand is hard at work with a reproduction of the “Spaghetti” shoe, which was famously sported by basketball star Jerry Stackhouse during his tenure with the Philadelphia 76ers.