• 12-JUL-2016

FILA Brazil Introduces New Cross Training Line

(FILA Brazil) The brand's new collection of cross training products joins high performance with technology, modernity, and FILA's famous signature style.

FILA Brazil is proud to announce the release of an exclusive line developed for the practice of cross training and functional wear. The collection, dubbed FXT Cross Training, is comprised of both footwear and apparel pieces, and brings a new « lifestyle » approach to the Brazilian sportswear market. In true FILA fashion, the new line merges elements of work, play, and physical exercise into one cohesive collection that is both stylish and functional. 

Each piece in the FXT Cross Training line was developed with careful consideration of functionality, technology, versatility, and fashion. "The FXT line was developed after a long period of research and market analysis, culminating in a line that exhibits the direction, style, and high performance needed for the practice of cross training", said Henrique Hermes, Marketing Manager for FILA Brazil. When it came to footwear design, five main elements were taken into consideration: traction - each shoe features an evergrip technology comprised by lighter, more adherent rubber; support - more anatomical shape in the heel area; stability - construction and larger form in the forefoot area; cushioning - energized technology in the inner sole for impact absorption; and lightness - leathers with less construction and lighter material. The featured models of this collection are the FXT Energized Full Panther, and the FXT Energized Full. "It is worth highlighting that all FXT sneakers were created and developed in the Dass Creation Center (DCC), in Ivoti-RS, one of the most technological research and shoes creation centers in the world, the largest in Latin America", Hermes remarks.

A total of 24 footwear pieces will be available, made up of 6 different styles in an array of colors. Clothing pieces follow a more neutral color palette, instead focusing on a technological direction that values both body and emotional composure, solidity, and stability.

The FXT line can be found in Brazil's main sports equipment stores, beginning June 27th. The collection is also available online at http://www.fila.com.br/especial-cross-training. 


About FILA

Founded in 1911, FILA is an Italian sportswear brand with a rich sporting heritage. Today, FILA products can be found in over 50 countries. In Brazil, FILA is well known for its performance products in the running and tennis categories as well as for its collection of lifestyle (casual) clothing. 

FILA Brazil partakes in a number of sponsorship events for the tennis and running categories. Notable sponsorships in the tennis category include the Brazil Open, the ATP Challenge Tour Finals, and the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells, Montreal, and Toronto. In the running category, FILA Brazil is an active sponsor of the International São Paulo Marathon and International Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon. 

About Grupo Dass
Specialized in sports brand management and industrial solutions, Grupo DASS manages a number of sports brands and manufacturers. The company produces 12.5 million pairs of shoes and 5 million clothing pieces per year and employs more than 12,000 employees across Brazil and Latin America. 

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