• 22-AUG-2016

FILA Brazil Gives Fans a Chance to 'Live the Legacy' of Rio de Janeiro

In a celebration of culture and athleticism, FILA Brazil is inviting sports fans to discover the city of Rio de Janeiro and take part in the beauty, design, and cultural landscape that has shaped the carioca way of life. 

(FILA Brazil) – Back in July, FILA Brazil encouraged fans everywhere to “Live the Legacy” with the launch of a new brand campaign​​ that brought the athletic universe of the FILA brand to the iconic, golden age landscapes of Rio de Janeiro. A true celebration of timelessness, the “Live the Legacy” campaign invited fans to partake in the city’s rich cultural landscape by embracing elements of design, style, and sport to build their own personal legacies and help shape the future of the iconic city. And now, FILA Brazil is taking things a step further, offering fans the opportunity to embrace their inner athlete and open their minds to all the wonder and beauty of the World Heritage City. All while being guided by a brand that understands the city like nobody else can.

Rio de Janeiro is known for many things, but it wouldn’t be true a Rio experience without tasting the city’s famed carioca food, or taking a day to relax on one Copacabana Beach. Over the past week, FILA Brazil has guided fans to both areas – challenging fans to “Live the Legacy”, via brand content and product displays in nine of Rio’s best restaurants (including Trapiche Gamboa, Bar Astor, Barthodomeu, Bagatelle, Joaquina Bar, Carioca da Gema, Bar do Bacana, Bar Bracarense, and Belmonte), as well as the sponsorship of various beachside activities such as hang gliding, beach volleyball courts, and relaxing lawn chairs. Any fans interested in admiring the incredible local views are invited to partake in the brand’s sponsored activities.

With such a long history in both the athletic and heritage categories, it is only fitting that FILA celebrates athleticism in such an iconic city. In this way, the elements that formed both FILA and Rio de Janeiro in the past are still very much a part of their present, as well as their future.