• 16-JUL-2015

The FILA Museum Adopts a Junior Basketball Champion

Fondazione FILA Museum

(FILA Italy) -- 

The Angelico Biella Basketball Team has launched a project entitled, “Adopt Your Champion,” aimed at finding new talent and resources to strengthen the development of the Basketball Federation’s youth sector. The FILA Foundation is excited to join this social project as it prepares to once again partake in Italy’s “World Basketball” league. The brand has previously served as a technical sponsor of the Federation.

As part of its new sponsorship, the FILA Foundation has “adopted” a young champion and will serve as a financial sponsor during his stay in Biella. In addition to contributing some financial resources, the brand will also enable the young athlete to attend school camp, as well as organize an educational visit to the Fondazione Fila Museum in Biella to educate him on the FILA brand. 

Niccolo Bosio, Marketing Director of Biella Basketball, comments, “We are happy to embrace the FILA brand after so many years. They are a historical brand that speaks to both our club and our fans. This year begins a partnership with the FILA Foundation that we hope will grow in the coming seasons.”

The FILA Museum adds, “We are delighted with this new partnership, which will allow us to give a little support to a promising young athlete. Such a partnership really brings us back home.”