• 18-DEC-2015

The FILA Fit Squad Takes the World Stage

(FILA Korea) –

The luxurious Lotte Hotel in Euljiro, Seoul was abuzz last week, serving as the setting of a historic partnership launch for FILA Korea Ltd. It was here that, for the first time in domestic brand history, the first ever fitness squad was inaugurated, ushering in a new era for the FILA brand and the Korean fitness industry.

Top female bodybuilders Na-Young Lee, Sae-Young Gu, Bongju Shin, Song-hee Park, and Sol Han took center stage at last week’s event, which was attended by FILA Chairman Gene Yoon, FILA Korea President Jin-Myun Kim, and other honored industry guests. The event commenced with an introduction to the squad’s world-class athletes and a presentation of appointment certificates. After the formalities, event guests were treated to a reenactment of top performances by each member of the FILA Fit Squad.

As part of its partnership with these five athletes, FILA Korea has agreed to provide the Fit Squad members with a comfortable and well-equipped training environment that may be used to prepare for all competitive events. The sponsorship package includes a one-year endorsement fee, as well as sportswear, shoes, and any sporting goods needed for safe and effective training. In exchange, each member of the FILA Fit Squad is expected to participate in a variety of fitness-related activities that will help promote the resurgence of the indoor sports industry.

In its more than 100-year history, FILA has participated in sponsorships ranging from national teams and international events, to individual athletes and more targeted fashion initiatives. With the launch of its very own Fit Squad, the brand hopes to increase the awareness and scale of the Korean fitness industry through the pursuit and proliferation of various fitness sectors. As stated by FILA Korea Ltd. President Jim-Myun Kim, “The FILA Fit Squad was established in order to represent a beacon for the proactive fitness athletes and to assist in fulfilling their sporting ambitions on the world stage."